Savannah Goodwin Origin Story - How I Came To Love Jewelry

My feelings about jewelry haven’t always been enthusiastic. Until about 10 years ago they were mostly apathetic. I never pined over pretty pieces or fawned over what was happening in my mother’s jewelry box. That’s not to say that she didn’t have pieces worth admiring, its just that I didn’t have “girly” things like that on my radar. I considered jewelry to be a superficial decoration, something women put on when they got dressed up. Growing up, I liked riding my horse and playing sports. Dressing up seemed impractical and was something I tried to avoid. In high school I got a nice watch for Christmas, but lost it within six months when I took it off for volleyball practice and after that I mostly stuck to my coconut shell ear cuffs. Until I was 17, when I got a sterling silver star necklace from a boy. My first serious piece of jewelry from my first serious boyfriend. I loved it and I wore it all the time. Not because it was expensive or fancy but because I loved the boy that gave it to me and I felt special when I had it on.

Fast forward a few years and I was living with said boy in our first apartment. I was on the hunt for a new job and ran into a woman I had known as a customer at a job I’d had a couple years before. She said she’s been hoping to run into me because she wanted me to work for her jewelry store. Not sure I would love the job, but flattered that she thought of me and wanted to hire me, I took the opportunity and started only three days later. I quickly became fascinated with learning all I could about the compositions and characteristics of the stones I was working with. I couldn’t get enough of the histories of the antique and vintage jewelry that surrounded me. And it was easy to become enamored by the beauty and charm of each tiny piece of bejeweled art. The infatuation was undeniable.

Infatuation has a tendency to wear off and I was worried that the sparkles in my eyes would fade and I would find myself working a job that I didn’t find fulfilling, something that had happened a few times before. But time went on and nothing faded, nothing dulled. I found myself really loving my job and the experiences it was bringing me. And as I thought more deeply about it I realized that it wasn’t the jewelry itself that had me captivated. Gold is great and gemstones are wonderfully intriguing but these components add up to more than the sum of their parts. I realized that I loved what the ring, or pendant or pair of earrings came to embody.

For the most part, when people came into the store to buy a piece of jewelry they were doing so for a special and significant reason. While working at the jewelry store I witnessed, and had at least a small part in, people’s engagements and anniversaries. I got to see people carefully select pieces for their loved one’s birthdays or graduations. I got to feel inspired when people bought pieces to commemorate personal achievements. Babies were born and proud dads would come boasting, eager to pick out a token of appreciation for their partner. It was all so beautiful and I got to engage with these moments all the time. After one particularly uplifting day I went home and expressed how happy I was at getting to be a part of some of the best moments of people’s lives, and then realized that my jewelry box was filled with the same thing- moments, memories, commemorations, tokens. Gorgeous little snippets of all the best parts of life.

Beautiful pieces of the earth are sought and found. Lapidaries and metal-smiths pour their expertise and care into cutting stones and building pieces. Store owners devote their attention and appreciation to selecting the best pieces for their shops. Customers carefully choose a piece that will commemorate and celebrate the happy moments of their lives. Love is being poured into a piece of jewelry every step of the way. And hopefully those pieces will be loved along with the memories they bring. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? That’s why I continue to love jewelry as much as I do.

So here I am now, my love of jewelry, undeniable. Apathy dissipated. And while I may not be making engagement rings just yet, I do try and imbue my pieces with the almost-tangible love and enthusiasm that it takes to make beautiful jewelry. And for each person that has a piece of my jewelry, I hope that they feel the love when they put it on.


  • Love this!

  • Loved reading this!!! Miss you friend.

  • Savannah this is so beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it and I love the pictures! ❤️

  • This is so beautiful! Your jewelry exudes love!

  • This is wonderful! I love learning how artists evolve in their practice, it seems initial resistance gives way to a dedication to the struggle in many cases. Also love both those photos!


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